Cyn Wilson is a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Certified Coach with Apositiva Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Hello, Cyn Wilson here! Since receiving my Bachelor of Science in Business Management as of June 2013, along with a few extra recent career certifications just prior and post graduation, I find the business world has changed. The rules of getting jobs or career life have changed long before I received that trusted, long awaited diploma. What do I do to courageously face a new business age in the economy? Let me tell you about it…

I serve individuals aged 20’s and 30’s going through life transitions. When your world seems to be falling down around you, and the pressures of life have gotten you stuck in the mud…I am here. I am available to support you in reaching that calm, creative and positive world you seek for your life.

Because there is a bright, beautiful and successful world out there awaiting you to discover through your transition! Trying to figure out what you want to study with your college goals? Living with parents asking how your not-so-successful post college Job Hunt is going? Ready to take a risk? Ready to become unstuck during your transition? Need a helping hand to guide you to that inner you awaiting to be discovered? Because, you are worth so much more than where you are now. Because you can get there, and most importantly, you will get there. With me as your life coach, your solutions in meeting your goals while in your life transition are fully and abundantly available! I am Cyn Wilson, your coach walking with you, side by side, on your journey in reaching your lifelong goals.