About Cyn

Get To Know Cyn Wilson

1. What is my specialty? What is unique about you as a coach and/or about the way I do coaching?

I just graduated from university with my Bachelor of Science in Business Management; it is a challenging degree to attain. I have guided past friends in their decisions with school or even throughout their work life. (When it came to work, it was usually work related for where they were working). I was on like a bachelor degree program on steroids during my last two years of my degree via accelerated online learning. I have experience both with in-person and online training environments. I had a lot of stress my last two years of school, and it was my main focus. I can related to the stresses that school work alone can give to any individual.

2. What solution do I offer from my client unique situation? What problem or hurt or challenges am I uniquely qualified to handle?

In college, no matter how old you are, we always have to work with people, especially our instructors directions for assignments. Sometimes when working in team environments on projects, it can be a difficult when team members are cutting you out of the project in some way. Been there, done that; I moved forward. Sometimes I have had to retake classes…it happens; the next time, I did much better in repeated class. (Went from a D grade in Senior Level Human Resources class the first time; second time through I got a B grade. I was even able to take this class SOONER than it was offered normally to others because I spoke with college advisors willing to help). On top of school life, I have had to live on my own for some time; doing school on your own and gaining resources for such lifestyle can be challenging. Such lifestyle can leave a person stressed without a proper outlet of support; that I what I can also provide. I have been there, done that; its is all worth it when you walk proudly on your degree graduation day!

3. Why should you hire a coach? What reason can I give clients? Why else? Give another reason. How can I, a life coach do to help my client target? What can I do that is unique, different and special for my client base/target?

I have worked in high stress customer service positions most of my life. 10+ years mainly were all ‘retail work’ type customer service. (Half of which was while still going to school). I have done office work that was in some way, customer service oriented. Over that last few years, I have been a cat (or dog) sitter for neighbors or friends—so a very small business owner basically. I have my beliefs just like anyone else, beliefs I stick by often. When it comes to coaching, my last 4years working in retail I was in management…the lowest levels. I did have to train staff while still providing a fun learning environments—especially during hectic holiday schedules. University, while the training can be challenging, many life tools were gained through the study materials too. (Most of which tools are being exercised in current line of business).

4. What sets me apart as a coach from all the others available? What is distinctive about me and my focus with clients?

It took me 15 years to get my bachelor degree. I started at the age of 17yrs turning 18 years. I got my associates degree, and had started work on the junior level of my bachelor degree at age 23yrs; that is when I lost financing. So, for about 7 or 8 years I was just working. I still however longed to complete my degree though; then at age 31yrs I picked up practically where I had left off (even with the same university!) only to finally complete my bachelor degree 3 months or so before my 33rd birthday. I have done this college stuff living with family or on my own; much more difficult when living on your own. I get all the stresses that college offers as students delve into their courses and the semester progresses. I understand the hard decision to ‘wait’ some time before moving on to complete the final pieces of that long sought after degree or certificate program. Then try to add in family, friends and ‘life mate/potential life mates’ in the mix of school life…it gets complicated. I get it, I understand—and I am here to help you discover your untapped resources available to you!

5. What valuable, quality and benefit will I add to the coaching process that will make your coaching experience memorable and unforgettable?? What is my unique selling proposition for you, the client? What value can I offer to you, my treasured audience?

I like to live life and have a good time…without spending it in the bar. (Alcohol…not all fun as it may appear on TV folks!) I like hanging out in coffee shops, going out ballroom dancing, and hanging out with the CAT folks and felines. That’s right, I love volunteering my time to Cat Adoption Team helping them save more lives in giving cats new homes. (I get to play, cuddle, pet—all the joys of cat ownership without having to deal with those pesky vet bills!)